White Papers

iST regularly produces white papers and other educational content pieces designed specifically for sales professionals. To inquire about collaborating with iST on an upcoming white paper or sponsoring a white paper program for qualified leads please contact info@isalestransformation.com

iST White Paper:

Transformative Discovery Discussion
March 2019
by the Institute for Sales Transformation (iST)


iST recommends the following white papers by outside sources to our audience.

Strengths, Styles, and Skills: A Triple Fit Approach to Sales Talent
by GrowthPlay

Status Quo in Sales: To Challenge or Not to Challenge?
by SellingPower

5 Trends That Will Impact Your Sales Team in 2019
by SellingPower

Content Marketing & Sales Enablement
by SellingPower

Beyond Compensation: 3 Proven Ways to Build Sales Motivation
by RAIN Group

6 Essential Rules of Sales Negotiation
by RAIN Group