SalesLive Miami – Why Attend

Interested in attending SalesLive Miami on November 4th & 5th at Miami Marlins Ballpark? Contact us today to learn more.

Why Attend iST SalesLive Miami:

Hey we love to talk about iST SalesLive (a lot if we are being honest), and we could easily write a book on why we believe all sales, marketing, business development, and strategic account professionals should attend iST SalesLive….but we have decided to only list 10 Reasons Why You Must Attend iST SalesLive.


  • Hear national thought leaders deliver cutting edge presentations and sharing stories curated specifically to give you actionable information to help you and your company. 
  • You will leave iST SalesLive with new ideas and strategies that you can implement immediately!
  • The right content whether you are 5 days on the job or 50 years on the job
  • Intimate environment to encourage learning, interactive sessions, and networking. Look we feel strongly that large trade shows have their place, but at iST SalesLive you have the opportunity to network with EVERYONE at the program while also having the opportunity to have your challenges heard and questions answered
  • iST SalesLive is industry agnostic so no matter what industry you are in you will learn and uncover key strategies and tools that you can take back to your practice IMMEDIATELY
  • FUN! Look perhaps we are a bit biased but we just know that nothing compares to iST SalesLive when it comes to having fun while learning
  • A unique venue space selected to help bring out the very best content from our thought leaders and to give you a memorable experience
  • The latest technologies designed specifically to better assist your sales & marketing process on display
  • Have a role in the content curation! Our agendas are crowd-sourced directly from the registered attendees. So everyone has a voice when it comes to what is covered and discussed at iST SalesLive
  • A program that continues on much longer than just the two days of the event. iST continues to provide relevant content to what was discussed at iST SalesLive for our attendees to help reinforce and strengthen what was discussed.