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Monday, November 4, 2019
Breakfast and Registration
Location – 5th base
Welcome Remarks
Conference Chair:

John Guydon
Motivational Speaker
Keynote Presentation
10 Tips for Igniting Your Own Sales Transformation

With an estimated two out of every five prospects selecting their vendor based on the professionalism of the salesperson, there’s never been a better time to up your game.   One of the most important dimensions of sales professionalism is the ability to capture and retain your prospect’s attention – a precious commodity that seems to be shrinking with every passing year. Winning in today’s selling environment requires messaging that is precisely aligned with your prospect’s values, emotionally engaging, and concisely communicated.   This session will present 10 messaging tips that will differentiate you as a true sales professional and help you win more sales.
Mark Jewell
President & Co-Founder
Selling Energy
Corporate Strategy and Cold Call Scripts: Strange Bedfellows or Essential Partners?

With the rising power of private equity, executing corporate strategy has become more challenging. For many B2B companies, the obvious best path forward is tightly focused organic growth – growth designed to enter and dominate markets, not merely grow market share. It turns out that the trust-centric nature of buying B2B solutions brings a new strategic player onto the scene. This session lays out the surprising consequences of this strange coupling, along with a step-by-step approach to using it to your advantage. 

Chris Beall
Enabling the Agile Sales Rep
Recent studies have shown that by the time a prospect engages with your sales team, they’ve done up to 80% of their research on your company, product, and competition. As a result, a one-size-fits-all sales process no longer works. Your sales team needs to meet buyers where they’re at in their process, and that is sometimes at odds with traditionally linear sales processes.

Join Kiite’s Co-founder and CEO, Joseph Fung, as he discusses what it means to empower an agile sales team, and what you can do to make sure your reps can easily tap into existing training, process, and information to support your buyers, at any stage in their buying journey.

Joseph Fung
Co-Founder & CEO
AM Networking Break
Join your fellow attendees to discuss what you’ve learned in the morning sessions and make new connections
Radical Changes in the Customer Journey Demand Radical Changes in Customer Engagement & New Key Performance Indices
Changes in buying behavior over the past decade have put significant pressure on selling performance for organizations worldwide. Over the past five years, SAP has been transforming the behavior of its marketing and sales organization to leverage Social behaviors that meet the buying motion of its customers. Not only is the buyer today in much greater control of their journey, their peers are in control of the narrative – adding additional complexities in the customer engagement lifecycle. Given Social, competition no longer only applies between firm-to-firm, but also with firm-to-people.
Executing a global digital sales transformation program that actually gets adopted and performs at 4 p.p. higher conversion rate and produces 3x larger deal sizes is anything but simple. Michael Labate of SAP discusses the formula behind this success, where more than 14,000 people have been trained and enabled to leverage social behaviors to engage the modern buyer, as well its unique Digital Sales Key Indices approach to stimulating changes in selling behavior.

Michael Labate
Head, Program Development & Operations,
Digital (Social) Selling

Joël Le Bon, Ph.D.
Marketing & Sales Professor
Johns Hopkins University
Panel Discussion
AI for Sales: Reinventing and Retooling the Future of Sales Work with AI
Sales has changed more in the past five years than in the past fifty. As we know, change is permanent. However, the speed and scope of change today is different. Mathematicians call it the third derivative or the rate of the increase in acceleration; and increase in acceleration is exactly what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is bringing to modern sales. In this session you will learn from the author who literally “wrote the book” on AI for Sales, and you’ll hear how technology companies are deploying artificial intelligence to assist and augment sales professionals.
Moderator: Chad Burmeister, CEO,
Panelist: Dan Cilley, Co-Founder, Vendor Neutral
Panelist: Anita Nielsen, Author, Beat the Bots
Panelist: Michelle Seger, Partner, SalesGlobe
Panelist: Joël Le Bon, Ph.D., Marketing & Sales Professor, Johns Hopkins University
Networking Lunch
Panel Discussion
Putting Your Best Foot Forward During the Most Critical Steps of the Buying Process
Moderator: Charlie Thackston, President & Co-Founder, SOAR Performance Group
Panelist: Ramon Brayan, Sales Team Leader, Comcast Spotlight
Panelist: Nicolo Alaimo, Professor, Department of Marketing & Logistics, Florida International University
Panelist: Alex Sandkuhl, Director of Sales, InSync Healthcare Solutions

Plan the Work and Work the Plan: Sales and Marketing Best Practices with Customer-Specific Account Plans
Learn the elements of a high-quality sales plan, then create one and disseminate it across your organization to gain commitment to your customer mission.
Peeran Mukadam
Director, Global Sales Training & Development
PM Networking Break
How We Can Win in a World of the Subscription Business Model
A new generation of buyers have grown up with the subscription buying model, a model promoted every day through the proliferation of apps offering everything from fitness to finance – all delivered at the tap of a finger. 
So, how can you prepare your marketing team and your salespeople to succeed in a subscription economy? Use the SOAR Performance Group Change Velocity Readiness Diagnostic to help you identify your needs and craft a plan for the future. 
Macintosh HD:private:var:folders:kw:d6y7lmw1071_17d0738tzmrh0000gn:T:TemporaryItems:Charlie-Thackston-SalesLive-Miami-Speaker.png
Charlie Thackston
SOAR Performance Group
The Evolution of the Inside Sales Team

Inside sales is changing. Are you part of the movement? At this session, learn how tools, technology, and the informed buyer are transforming opportunities for organizations to leverage the Inside Sales team. Come join us for an informative discovery session where we reveal what companies are doing to “crack the code” of email-voicemail purgatory, give time back to the field sales team, and professionalize the role of Inside Sales. We will pose interesting questions for you to consider: What do your customers really want? How do they want to buy from you? We will discuss how leading companies are grappling to answer these questions and what they are doing to respond. 
Michelle Seger
Hypergrowth: How to Double Revenue in the Shortest Amount of Time
Whether you’re focused on growing your business or raising capital, one metric is king: revenue. Alex will share with you some of the actual sales & marketing strategies and tactics that he used to double his software company’s annual revenue in only 2 years. 
Macintosh HD:private:var:folders:kw:d6y7lmw1071_17d0738tzmrh0000gn:T:TemporaryItems:AlexSandkuhlAdvisoryBoard.png
Alex Sandkuhl
Director of Sales
InSync Healthcare Solutions
Closing Remarks + Happy Hour
All attendees have the opportunity to participate in a complimentary Miami Marlins On-Field Photograph Opportunity. Following the On-Field experience join iST for Happy Hour just across from The 5th Base at Nightlife Brewing. 
Tuesday, November 5, 2019
Women in Sales Breakfast
In today’s selling environment, women have earned a place at the most senior levels of the sales organization. How did they get there, and what unique qualities did they bring to bear? Join us in an interactive session with Michelle Seger, partner at SalesGlobe, a leading sales effectiveness firm, and Lorraine Ferguson, author of the Unapologetic Saleswoman and Sandler Training Coach, as they lead a dynamic exchange about the unique challenges and the positive attributes women bring to the sales role. In this interactive discussion, you’ll take away the specific actions you can take to break through to the next level of success and achieve results you never thought possible.
Breakfast Co-Chair:

Michelle Seger

Breakfast Co-Chair:
Lorraine Ferguson
The Unapologetic Saleswoman
General Breakfast & Registration
Location – (5th Base)
Is Your Sales Approach Based on Perception or Reality?

Your sales conversations are the most impactful part of customer engagements. But you’d be surprised how many of our perceived “sure things” are actually killing your pipeline. 

Gong analyzed over 10 million sales calls and uncovered a massive gap between what sales professionals believe they’re doing and what they are actually doing when it comes to their sales approach.

You’ll learn:
1. 5 sales “best practices” that are actually critical mistakes
2. Why these misconceptions are detrimental to your success
3. Tips and insights on how to course correct and drive revenue
Devin Reed
Content Strategy Manager
Driving Results Through Trust-Based Relationships
Recent years have produced a multitude of “new” sales methodologies and approaches – many that propose themselves as effective strategies for building long-term loyalty with customers. Uncovering hidden needs, adapting to the way customers buy, assuming the role of a business partner or consultant and even teaching are some of the popular conceptual approaches to selling in the Era of the Customer. Yet two foundational and interdependent concepts remain fundamental to driving long-term customer loyalty: reciprocal trust between a buyer and seller, and the flip side of the same coin, the buyer-seller relationship.
Based on the time-tested principles from the bestseller How to Win Friends and Influence People, this highly-interactive and practical workshop will give attendees the insights and tools necessary to demonstrate the attitude, skills and behaviors to drive sales through trust-based relationships.
During this customized session attendees will:
  • Take total ownership of the behaviors that drive Trust
  • Practice a technique to establish and deepen professional relationships
  • Incorporate time tested principles to become a trusted advisor instead of a product-pusher

Christine Ramirez
Partner & Vice President
Dale Carnegie Training Southeast Florida
Deal Acceleration Strategies for Sales Leaders
Technology Innovator Spotlight presentations feature engaging, passionate speakers from eligible solution provider organizations whose talks expose new ideas in sales. These presentations are supported by concrete evidence and are relevant to current and future industry trends. Presentations will explore novel and counterintuitive approaches to solving the many complex problems facing organizations today.

Nate Gilmore
Chief Revenue Officer
AM Networking Break
Time to break out into focused groups. Track 1 (located in the main session room) will be the Transformational Skills Track and Track 2 will be the Sales and Marketing Leadership Track.
Track 1 Sponsored by:
Transformational Skills Track (5th Base) 
Ask Like a High Performer: Differentiating Yourself through Discovery

Your average open-ended questions aren’t enough to get you the information you need to truly differentiate from your competition.  Attend this session to expand your comfort zone using high-impact questions

Anita Nielsen
Beat the Bots 
Sales and Marketing Leadership Track (Press Conference Room)
Change Velocity – The Secret to Leading a Successful Sales Transformation
In today’s world of breakneck change, many business transformations fail. It’s not because they weren’t necessary or good ideas, but because they do not happen fast enough. Charlie Thackston, president and cofounder of SOAR Performance Group, is here with a roadmap to help you bring quick transformation to your business. 
Charlie Thackston
President & Co-Founder
SOAR Performance Group
Transformational Skills Track (5th Base)
The Science of Negotiation
Co-Create value with your customers through meaningful dialogue in an environment that allows for the free flow of information. This session will cover:
  • Analyzing the Negotiation Landscape
  • Structuring the Negotiation for Success
  • Creating and Claiming Value

Kelli Rodriguez
US Director of Sales & Marketing/President Miami Chapter
Kamedis Dermatology/Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association
Sales and Marketing Leadership Track (Press Conference Room)
Five Things Sales Leaders Need to Be Aware of When Bringing on New Sellers
During this session attendees will learn 5 of the most commonly overlooked things leaders often neglect to do when bringing on new sellers, and why they are so important. Attendees will also learn actionable strategies they can implement today to address these challenges to maximize their team’s sales efforts.
Macintosh HD:private:var:folders:kw:d6y7lmw1071_17d0738tzmrh0000gn:T:TemporaryItems:Donald-Kelly-.png
Donald Kelly
Founder & Chief Sales Evangelist
The Sales Evangelist, LLC
Networking Lunch
Location – (5th Base)
Transformational Skills Track (5th Base)
Utilizing Stories and Business Cases to Build Value and Close More Deals
During this session, attendees will learn why utilizing stories and business cases are essential when selling to today’s modern buyer. We will demonstrate how to effectively use stories and business cases in their own sales process. In addition, attendees will leave with templates they can use in their next discovery meeting.
Donald Kelly
Founder & Chief Sales Evangelist
The Sales Evangelist, LLC.
Sales and Marketing Leadership Track (Press Conference Room)
The Most Powerful Driver of Behavior – the Sales Compensation Plan
The sales compensation plan is one of the most powerful drivers of performance in the sales organization and represents one of the largest expenses a company incurs. However, many organizations take a backwards approach to sales compensation, tweaking the mechanics, changing accelerators, or adding SPIFs. The results don’t improve, the organization is frustrated, sales costs are out of line, and it’s back to the drawing board next year.

An effective sales compensation program has to be driven by the strategy in a language the sales team understands and can execute upon. It is a direct line between the corner office and the field. Its motivational power surpasses leadership messages, sales strategies, sales management, and sales training. Learn how to create a strategy-based sales compensation program that will translate your enterprise objectives to sales performance. Join Mark Donnolo as he shares proven methods and tools you can apply immediately to get results and design a 2020 plan that exceeds your expectations.
Mark Donnolo
Founder & Managing Partner
Transformational Skills Track (5th Base)
Sales Conversations: Managing Consistency & Accountability to Scale Your Organization

There has never been more transparency in society with the rise of social media, etc. Customers are asking for transparency. How can transparency change marketing and selling? Learn how cutting edge sales teams are leveraging ‘conversation visibility’ to transform their sales effectiveness, customer experience, and consistency. In this fast paced session you will learn how to:

1. Experience what your prospects and customers experience through their eyes and ears
2. See that reps to adhere to the sales process
3. Listen to and share the ‘voice of the customer’ between sales and marketing with ease 
4. Reinforce your sales training methodology so it sticks
5. Create a culture where accountability is a two way street
6. Harness the power of transparency to change everything about your company

Steve Richard
Chief Evangelist & Co-Founder
Sales and Marketing Leadership Track (Press Conference Room)
Debriefing Sales Calls
“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”
-Albert Einstein
Your sales reps’ worst sales calls might be their best learning opportunities; but only if you accelerate the process by helping them sort through ashes to find the lessons.
Carlos Garrido will demonstrate a post-sales call debrief with commensurate Behavior, Attitude and Technique lessons for the sales rep and step-by-step debriefing process for you, the sales manager.
Carlos Garrido
Sandler Training Miami
Transformational Skills Track (5th Base)
Speak with Clarity and Confidence
It’s a common myth that some people are born with “the gift of gab” – that is, the ability to chat away effortlessly and connect with people during a business meeting or presentation. While some people do possess a natural affinity for presenting their points, it is a learned talent. You too can master this talent. You simply have to tackle a few basic skills to become an effective presenter. This session will start you on the way to becoming a master public speaker.
  • Learn sure-fire ways to “break the ice”
  • Discover how to gain and maintain credibility during your presentation
  • Improve your confidence and power during presentations

Ellen Engel
Elevate USA & Southeast Florida Women’s Alliance
Sales and Marketing Leadership Track (Press Conference Room)
Transforming Your Sales Force – One Saleswoman at a Time
Gender equality continues to lag in most professional sales organizations, especially when it comes to technical and complex sales. There are many good reasons to begin your transformation today – one saleswoman at a time! Learn what holds women back from a sales profession, and what you can do to transform your sales organization – one saleswoman at a time.
Lorraine Ferguson
The Unapologetic Saleswoman
Closing Presentation
More Than Just Baseball
Location – (5th Base)
Sell an experience, not a product! It is all in how you make your customers feel. Customers are buying the experiences they get from the products and services they purchase. Long gone are the days of our customers simply buying products and services based on price or on the product or service alone. It is now all about perception and how you make the customers feel when they purchase your product or service that will keep them coming back for more.
Conclude iST SalesLive Miami with this motivating presentation designed to send you off ready to dominate 2020 and beyond!

Adam Jones
Chief Revenue Officer
Miami Marlins