iST SalesLive Miami 2020 Speakers

iST is currently recruiting faculty members to join us at iST SalesLive Miami. If you or a colleague are interested in joining the speaker faculty please contact Matthew Raynor at to learn more. 

Ellen Engel
Elevate USA & Southeast Florida Women’s Alliance

Capitalizing on entrepreneurial skills and a broad base of knowledge in the training, coaching, legal, management, and international business fields, Ellen has spent the last ten years providing cutting-edge professional training and coaching to government organizations, non-profits, professional associations, and private industry. An attorney by trade but an entrepreneur by choice, Ellen has worked in a variety of corporate, professional, and adult education fields. As President of Elevate USA Inc., Ellen has grown her flexible, customer-oriented, training company from a single trainer to over fifty trainers working across the country and
internationally. Under her leadership, Elevate USA has expanded to offer over 250 tailored training topics and 7,500+ self-paced online learning modules.
Elevate USA also offers executive coaching, workforce management, and consulting services. Ellen has worked as a speaker, trainer, and coach at some of the top government organizations in the nation. In 2013, she co-founded Total Transportation Training, LLC, a professional services training company that specializes in training, assessing, and certifying workforces in the transportation industry. Ellen believes that learning is a lifelong essential process and in 2005 she created Life University, a program that empowers young adults with the life-skills they need to succeed. In 2015 she began the Career Advancement and Placement (CAP) USA program – a training and internship placement program that teaches foreign students and young professionals the skills to succeed in American business. CAP USA works with major U.S. organizations to arrange high-end internship placements in the participant’s career field of choice. As president of the International Association of Business Leaders, Ellen fostered business development and expansion across the globe through strategic planning and networking with business associates and senior level managers in the international Fortune 500 arena. Highlighting a successful career, Ellen produced international trade shows and seminars, networked with many of the best leaders in business today, worked as an attorney in private practice, and has over 24 years of legal experience. Ellen is uniquely qualified in international business, entrepreneurship, and training others how to start their own companies. Dedicating her talents and expertise to promoting the ideals embraced by Elevate USA Inc., Ellen promotes the spirit of perpetual education, self-promotion, international cooperation in the global business community, and excellence in professional ethics. Her greatest passion is helping others achieve the success and satisfaction in the competitive business arena.